Card Payment Accepted

Terms of Bouncy Castle Hire

Below please see our terms and conditions of hire, together with General guide lines for use. For both your safety and enjoyment, it is important that you both read and understand them.


Telephone Office – 0845 521 1157

In the unlikely event of an Emergency, please call our
24 hour mobile number 07947 187073

Hire will only be agreed with responsible person over the age of 18. Proof of ID will be requested.

ALL deposits paid are non refundable, and non transferable. Should a cancellation be made however, no further charges would be levied if the cancellation is made 48 hours in advance of the booking date. The Full balance of hire costs to be paid, before commencing use of the unit. No exceptions to this rule. Cash only, if payment is to be made on delivery. If you accept goods on the day and then decide that due to adverse weather conditions you will not require use of them, you will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid.

The hirer will be liable for all repair costs in connection with any abuse or misuse of the unit hired.

You must understand that shower covers will only hold off light showers of rain.

In the extremely unlikely event of a problem occurring impairing use of the unit, our office must be notified IMMEDIATELY. An answer phone service may be in operation but ALL emergency calls will be dealt with as priority. Any complaint received after the hire period, will not be validated.

Under no circumstances must any inflatable unit be removed from its secured position without prior knowledge of KBL. All insurance claims will be deemed invalid if persons unauthorized by KBL are not involved with the setting up of any units.

The hirer must agree that the area where the goods are to be situated will be free from toys, swings etc. and that there is no dog foul where the unit is to be sited, before our drivers arrive.

The hirer must agree to make sure units are ready for collection at the agreed time. Any units not available for collection may be subject to a surcharge being levied.

The hirer, will be responsible for ensuring that the unit is clean upon collection. Mild soapy water should be used to remove any dirt that has accumulated.


Whilst every endeavour will be made to supply castles booked, we cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control, which deems it impossible to supply exact goods ordered. In all circumstances whereby a specific style of unit is unavailable an upgraded unit will be offered at no extra charge, or a full refund of all monies paid.

We cannot be held responsible if the unit you have booked does not fit on delivery and you will be charged the full hire price. Please check height required, as well as ground area. – ( some halls have low ceilings, and gardens should be free of overhanging trees or sharp bushes). For large items such a giant slides and super deluxe obstacles courses access needs to be made directly to site in a 71/2 tonne lorry. These items cannot be wheeled around so can only be situated at the point of vehicle access. In some cases we can deliver in transit vans but an extra cost will apply please ask one of the team for details.

We cannot be held responsible for limited use or cancellation due to adverse weather condition. Refunds will not be given.

All units will be run using your own 240v electricity supply, unless you have pre-booked a petrol fan. We supply 25m of cable as standard. Extra extension leads may be booked if the distance is more than 25m, but the max. distance for a unit to be located from the power is 50m as the unit may be soft if not placed near to an electricity source. If petrol fans are booked it will be the responsibility of the hirer to refil petrol tanks as required. Petrol will be included in the price quoted.

We cannot be held responsible, nor give any refunds, should your power supply be interrupted through fault of your power provided. No refunds will be given.

Whilst we are covered by our own insurance, if charging a fee to the public, it may be necessary to take out your own liability insurance to cover the event.

Mats are not provided unless stated. Extra mats can be hired at a cost of £5 per mat.


For the safety and enjoyment of the users, it is vitally important that the following guidelines be strictly adhered too.

An adult should remain in attendance at all times.

Ensure that children remove shoes, and any sharp objects, such as badges or combs before use. Spectacles are best removed.

No food or drinks allowed on the unit.

No smoking on or near the unit.

No B B Q’s to be lit near the unit.

No Fireworks to be lit near the unit

No Pets are allowed on the unit.

No one taller than the outside wall to use the unit. Recommended age guidelines to be strictly adhered too.

Please do not allow children to run around the unit, nor to switch off the unit at the mains whilst others are using the unit. They may find this fun but it is potentially very dangerous.

Do not allow children to climb up, or hang off of the sides of the unit. Do not allow anyone to bounce on the front step of the unit.

Persons with back or neck problems are strongly advised not to use the unit

Use of silly string, face paints and party poppers is strictly prohibited. Cost of removal will be borne by the hirer if used on any unit.

Never allow the unit to become overcrowded. It is safer to match children into age ranges in order to minimize the risk of someone getting hurt.

Never allow children to climb up or to sit on the walls.

Do not allow children over the recommended age guide to use any equipment. Please check age suitability before hiring equipment.

If the unit is being used at a public event it is recommended that perimeter fencing for crowd control be used. This can be supplied if pre-booked. We also recommend a minimum of 2 attendants per unit.

When the unit is not in use it is fine to switch off the fan. If you have an electric fan however when switching it back on please ensure that the rope connecting the air pipe to the fan is tightly secured and that nothing is blocking the sides of the fan, before re-inflating. If any customer complains that the unit is soft, and our engineers return to find that these checks were not carried out a £50 call out charge will be levied.

In the event of rain, it is advised that you keep the unit running, but please ensure all electrical goods are covered. Towel dry the step areas before recommencing use, to avoid children slipping. In the case of high winds, discontinue use immediately and contact our office for advice.

We take Health and Safety and your fun, very seriously!

If you wish to raise any points not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us.